A Journey of Reflection

Amazing content! I can’t wait to see more.

No one, when asked about my blog.

During this semester, I created various media content on this blog and learned quite a few different lessons about content creation in the digital age.

Take it (YouTube) away now

The biggest lesson I learned from my Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media class was how much time and effort digital media production really takes. I now have much more respect for podcasters and YouTubers. Not only for the editing and creation but for asset attribution and creativity.

I did not realize how much time went into creating even a short 8-minute tutorial video. I also learned a lot about copyright and why audiences might actually use YouTube tutorial videos as opposed to other sources of information. I now have a better eye for the creativity and techniques YouTubers use in their videos.

So, before leaving a nasty comment on a low-quality video, try to think with a critical eye. The video took time and effort and the person might not have the best equipment. Leave a constructive comment to help them improve in the future (wink wink).

Don’t make this mistake… like I did many times


I also learned a lot about MP3s: how they were created and why people like them. This was extremely interesting because it exposed me to the theory of psycho-acoustics, which explains how your brain interprets audio. I learned that MP3s take advantage of this in their compression algorithm. This might not seem like much but now I can triumph in my arguments with audiophiles.

Edge of Tomorrow

The lessons from my class will enable me to succeed in my photography business and effectively help others who are just starting out in photography or videography. I hope this post helps you understand why I linked to so many odd readings in some of my posts and that you still learned from them.

Send any questions you have about photography, videography or any suggestions on what we should focus on in the next blog post, YouTube video or podcast to alexlewismedia@gmail.com or on social media (@alexlewismedia).


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All images except those cited below are the property of Alexander Lewis and Alex Lewis Media and Alexander Lewis Photography, All Rights Reserved.

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